AFHC 2024


The 10th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities
September 25 – 27, 2024
DDP Art Hall
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Smarter and Healthier Cities for a Better Future


The 10th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities is set to take place at the DDP Art Hall in Seoul from September 25th to 27th

This event is an international gathering where over 1,000 delegates from approximately 200 cities worldwide will come together, including representatives from AFHC member cities, officials from the World Health Organization (WHO), NGOs and institutions, mayoral delegations from sister cities, and experts from related academic fields.

The conference will feature the main theme "Smarter and Healthier Cities for a Better Future" and will be structured into a total of 11 sessions. We kindly ask for your active interest and participation to ensure the success of this significant conference.

Hosted by-The Alliance for Healthy Cities

The "Healthy Cities Network" is an international coalition aimed at protecting and enhancing the health of urban residents. Established on October 17, 2003, during the founding meeting at the WHO Western Pacific regional office in Manila, Philippines, the network serves as a collaborative platform.

Centered around healthy cities in Asia and Australia, the alliance operates through its secretariat in Tokyo, Japan, and includes various committees for administration, execution, awards, and science. Under the principle of "Healthy Cities," it endeavors to protect and promote the health of urban dwellers by building intercity networks, sharing progressive cases, and pursuing collaborative goals.

With 189 member cities across 9 countries and 51 associate organizations, the alliance facilitates the sharing of experiences in health city projects among member cities, encourages the implementation and innovation of such projects, and provides technical advice for promoting healthy cities. It also supports international networking, the development and dissemination of knowledge and technology, and the enhancement of member capacities and local branch activities.

As urbanization continues globally and more people reside in cities, our international network aspires to contribute to the advancement of health promotion for those living in urban areas.